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How to serve static files like css with a WSGI application written using werkzeug and pure

python.. No frameworks used..

this is my server..

    from gevent import pywsgi
from Index import application

import os
application = SharedDataMiddleware(application, {
    '/hello/template/': os.path.join(os.getcwd(), 'template')
print 'Serving on'
server = pywsgi.WSGIServer(('', 4000), application,spawn=10000)

# to start the server asynchronously, call server.start()
# we use blocking serve_forever() here because we have no other jobs

The template is the the path to static files like css and images. but this is only serving the application and not the static files. is there a feature where in gevent serves static files .. ? I did not find the documentation useful.

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Serving static files directly from your WSGI application is a waste of resources, both CPU and memory, and it will not scale.

For public static files you should configure your front-end webserver to serve them directly.

For private static files you can do access control and construct a response header in your WSGI app, and then let the front-end webserver do the heavy lifting of actually sending the file contents. Take a look at X-Sendfile (Apache) or X-Accel-Redirect (Nginx).

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