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I recently use MPICH2 to write parallel code. But when I run wmpiexec.exe in bin\ I received this:

Please specify an authentication passphrase for smpd:

what is going on here?

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You need to register your username and password, (your windows username and pass) using:

StartMenu->All Programs->MPICH2->wmpiregister.exe

Also ensure that you installed the smpd in Administrator mode.

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I was also facing this same issue, but simply wmpiregister.exe does not work.

So I followed the following steps and it worked:

1- Disable your Firewall (or modify the rules)

2- Open an admin command prompt by right-clicking on the command prompt icon selecting run as administrator.

3- Type the following commands on the prompt in sequence:

smpd -install 
mpiexec -remove 
mpiexec -register  (this will ask for user name and password, enter it and confirm it)
mpiexec -validate (Must return SUCCESS) 
smpd -status 

The last command will return

'smpd running on hostname'

Every thing should work fine now.

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