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I want to move all application logic into separate JAR (maven module).

Question: what is convention to name JAR module, which holds' all application logic and functionality? It's good to name it as ApplicationFacade?

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that depends more on your architecure and layering. There is no convention in maven for names like this. In simple applications you would name the module "myappname-service". In a more complex application that comes with several modules it may be something like "myappname-ordering". So it depends :)

"Facade" is more of a pattern so its not the best choice for a module name. If you refer with this name to the GUI I would name it "myaüüname-web" or "myappname-client" or something similar.

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I'm not sure that facade would be a good name, because it would means that this jar doesn't hold the implementation of services, but only interfaces (like wemu it would be a client).

You can simply name it myapp-services.

You may find some information in the following topics , although it does not deal with your real question :

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