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I have made a chrome extension that makes some XHR requests. This extension pulls some data from some sites and then passes all those data to my server. The problem is that I am able to get the data (i.e I can make XHR calls) but when I try to submit the data to server, it gives the following error : "Failed to load resource"

Now I have checked that I have proper permissions for XHR requests because: 1) Sometimes the code works fine. 2) I can make ajax calls because I am getting data from other servers. Its just that I cannot submit data to my server.

What might be wrong ?? 1 possible solution I found was that ad-block is blocking my request but disabling that didn't made a difference.

Here is part of manifest file for reference:

  "permissions": [

"lersais" is the server where I want to put my data.

here is the code that I am using to send data to this "lersais" server:

url: "",
type: "POST",
data: {jsondata: JSON.stringify(settings)},
dataType: "text"
    }).done( function(response){
console.log("data was successfully sent");
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up vote 0 down vote accepted server was not supporting https...because for this you have to have certificate and all...this is why the code was not working. I used "http" instead of "https" and the code works... :)

Hope this helps someone.

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