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I have a webapp implemented in JSPs and hosted in tomcat.

How can I convert it into a mobile app and make it compatible to view it on a small mobile device ?

Please suggest a tool.


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You have to understand that for a mobile application that runs on every device it needs to be a client side webapp, so only HTML, CSS and Javascript. If you have that you can let http://build.phonegap.com pull from a repository and build packages for every platform.

If you only want Android i suggest you take a look here: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Jetty-Servlet-Ported-to-Google-Android-81049.shtml

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The easiest way to is to make your web app support mobile browsers - the current state of the art here is Responsive Design.

Users can add links to your website to their home screens on mobile devices, so it will be available without opening a browser and remembering a URL. This gives you the widest range of compatibility, but the drawback is that the look and feel will always be "website", not "native app"; you also can't take advantage of native capabilities of the device.

If you want a native look and feel, you have to build native apps; those apps can take advantage of services exposed by your existing JSP app (though you have to build those services of course).

This gives you a native look and feel, and access to device capabilities, but requires significant effort.

Finally, you can use hybrid tools like Phonegap, calatrava and Appcelerator; these allow you to "build once, deploy on multiple devices", often using HTML & JavaScript - but they are not without problems.

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The simple solution would be, adding mobile display tags such as "view port" to the output page. It worked for me.


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