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I'm suspecting that some jquery plugins that I'm using are interfering with my keyboard arrow key presses by having specific events bound.

Assuming I don't care about breaking whatever it is they're doing, how can I unbind all events for, say, the left and right arrow key presses?

How would one debug or see a list of events that are fired upon key pressing? (I don't know which lines of code are currently handling the key presses, if any)

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You could write listen key events from body , and when specific keys are pressed , in your callback function , return false. –  mpm Dec 18 '12 at 5:56

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You can unbind that without affecting other bound keypress events:


That's called namespaced events, i.e. labelling specific bindings using <event_name>.<namespace> (in your case, "keypress.key37 & keypress.key39").

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If the arrow keys are triggered when you are focused anywhere on the page, then the event handlers are probably bound to the window or document, unbind like so:


If you want to unbind the event ONLY for 'left' or 'right' arrow key, you can stop the event like so:

$(window).bind('keydown', function(e){
    switch(e.keyCode) {
        case 37: // left arrow
        case 39: // right arrow
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Wouldn't that unbind all keydown events? I want specifically just for left and right arrows! –  fortuneRice Dec 18 '12 at 5:59
check edit above! –  Justin Gingy McDonald Dec 18 '12 at 6:03

I would recommend debugging to find where these events are bound(or even if they're bound). If these are bound with jQuery, they will be viewable via .data();

eg, in a console:


If key events are truly the cause via some plugin, I would look to modify the binding of the events, rather than adding workarounds.

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