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I am new to rails , currently i am working on code statistics for php,javascript/coffeescript repositories using ruby where i have a requirement to get no of coded lines and comment lines(single line and multi line comments) of php and javascript and coffeescript files using regular expressions . can any one help on this , thanks in advance

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Sounds more like a Ruby question, not Rails. –  Agush Dec 18 '12 at 6:09
thank you for your response ,yes i am using ruby to get comment lines in php and javascript files ,i am getting single line comments but i am facing problem with getting multiline comments(/* ... */) can you help me regard this one . –  Ratnakar Rao Nyros Dec 19 '12 at 10:01

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Here it is my man:

f = File.open("test.php")

loc = 0
comments = 0
while line = f.gets
  if commented ||= line.match(/^\/\*/)
    commented = nil if line.match(/\*\/$/)
    comments += 1
  elsif line.match(/^\s*\/\//)
    comments += 1
    loc +=1 unless line.match(/^\s*\n/)

puts loc
puts comments

This works for:

//line comments
/* inline block comments */
/* multi
comments */

How it works:

  • You open the file
  • Initialize the counters in 0
  • Go trough each line with gets and assign it to the line variable
  • If the line matches the beggining of a block comment set the commented variable
  • Add 1 to comments variable
  • If commented is set, search for the end of comment and set commented to nil if found
  • Else if comment block not opened and "//" is found add 1 to comments
  • Else add 1 to loc unless it's an "empty" line
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thank you it works ! –  Ratnakar Rao Nyros Jan 21 '13 at 6:47

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