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I am working on an application where I need to send Binary Message.

Though I have found a way in Blackberry to send a binary message as follows,

BinaryMessage sms = (BinaryMessage)messageConnection.newMessage(MessageConnection.BINARY_MESSAGE);  

But I dont know how to send Binary SMS in android. THough I have used Base64 encoding, but I dont know if it is the right approach to send a Binary SMS. The code I have used to send binary SMS is,

  sms.sendDataMessage(mobileNumber, null, (short) 1500, 
  Base64.encode( MessageString.getBytes("ISO-8859-1"), Base64.DEFAULT), null, null);

But I am not able to get the desired result using this.

NOTE- I am working on an application, where I want to send V-Card from Android phone to any other phone(especially Nokia). I am able to achieve this from blackberry using the Binary SMS. that's why I want to implement Binary SMS in android.

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