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Here I have a report ProductID Price LCD1 12 LCD2 11 LCD3 10 TV 100 GAME 50

I hope to add a new column on this report in OBIEE and the result should be like below: ProductID Price New_ProductID_Grouped LCD1 12 LCD LCD2 11 LCD LCD3 10 LCD TV 100 TV GAME 50 GAME

I hope to show LCD* products as LCD in the New_ProductID_Grouped field.

Is it possible in OBIEE? I hope to create the column and then do hierarch later. Thanks in advance.

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If the column you wish to add is a dimension, then yes, as any column you add to an Answer which is a dimension column will automatically be added to the GROUP BY.

If it isn't a dimension but a fact (defined by having aggregation), then you'll need to specify it. See this post on OBIEE101

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Do you want to add this column only for that analysis? It is usually better to define that column in the RPD, this will make it available to all reports and analysis.

If you only want that column for this particular analysis there are at least 2 approaches:

A) If you can determine the value by using a query (i.e. you can programmatically find out if the product is LCD, TV or Game):

A1 - Drag the ProductId column again to the criteria tab and change the name to "Product Type", you will now have 3 columns: "ProductId", "Price" and "Product Type"
A2 - Edit the formula of the new column using the LSQL that will calculate the product type based on the productID for example:

 CASE ( SUBSTRING("Products"."ProductID" FROM 0 FOR 3) )  
  WHEN 'LCD' THEN 'LCD Group'       
  WHEN 'TV' THEN 'TV Group' 
  ELSE 'Game Group' 

A3 - Add the new column to the Table / PivotTable, you might need to hide the productID column if you want to see data aggregated at the type level.

B) If you have to manually choose the type (i.e. You have to look at the productID to determine if the product is LCD, TV or Game):

B1 - Click the "New group" button in the results tab
B2 - Use "LCD Group" as Display Label and select ProductID from the "Values From" list
B3 - Manually select the products that should be labeled as LCD
B4 - Repeat B1-B3 for "TV" and "GAME"
B5 - Preview the report; notice that you can drill down to ProductID by clicking the group.

Hope this helps

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