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I've defined a Mongoid model with an Integer field for which i validate numericality like this

# source.rb
class Source
 field :code, type: Integer
 validates_numericality_of :code, allow_nil: true

The purpose of allow_nil is to validate fields which are present & ignore nil values.

But here, allow_nil completely bypasses the numericality check

object =
object.code = "ABC"
=> true
=> #<Source _id: 50d00b2d81ee9eae46000001, _type: nil, code: 0> 

In activerecord, this works correctly

object =
object.code = "ABC"
=> false
=> #<Source id: nil, code: 0, created_at: nil, updated_at: nil>
(0.1ms)  begin transaction
(0.1ms)  rollback transaction
 => false
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Mongoid behaves slightly different to Active Record when using #valid? on already persisted data. Active Record's #valid? will run all validations whereas Mongoid's #valid? will only run validations on fields where data has changed as an optimization. - see mongoid validation

so this could be your problem.

you could try

validates_numericality_of :code, :allow_nil => true


validates :code, :numericality => true ,:allow_nil => true

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Hi. Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure I understand correctly. In my snippet above, both examples are new objects. Not really updating attributes. Also, if you check the first line, i'm using validates_numercality_of, similar to your first suggestion. – Rahul Jan 15 '13 at 4:45
By the looks of it you are trying to set the Source.code = "ABC" this will not actually make a change to the already persisted default value of code: 0 as its type != Integer so Mongoid will not run validations on the field. According to my interpretation of the Mongoid validation – Jesse Whitham Jan 17 '13 at 1:24
Yes, interestingly ActiveRecord does as my snippet demonstrates. How would I make Mongoid fail validations? – Rahul Jan 18 '13 at 4:19
By the looks of it Mongoid will only run validations on fields where data has changed you may have to set a custom setter for the mongoid class i.e def code = (val) code_will_change! @code = val end – Jesse Whitham Jan 21 '13 at 20:02

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