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I just got into the world of caffeine and I'm having a bit of trouble with Cakefiles.

It is my understanding that Cakefiles use the coffee script syntax; if I want to look for a file in child directories, I need to require the fs module and do whatever I need to do as if I'm in a nodejs app right? And I need only one Cakefile for the whole project, correct? Do I need to make any changes to package.json or anything to the project to use Cakefile?

That being said, as I was looking at some examples at this delicious cakefile tutorial I have come across this following snippet:

{exec} = require 'child_process'
task 'build', 'Build project from src/*.coffee to lib/*.js', ->
  exec 'coffee --compile --output lib/ src/', (err, stdout, stderr) ->
    throw err if err
    console.log stdout + stderr

I wanted to put my coffescripts under /coffee directory and I wanted them to compile to / for each coffee script it found. For example if it found routes/coffee/index.coffee the compiled js should be outputted as routes/index.js. In order to do that I tried running $ coffee --output ../ . but since it didn't work --although I thought it was worth the try-- I tried doing that with Cakefile.

{exec} = require 'child_process'
task 'build', 'Build project from *.coffee to ../*.js', ->
  exec 'coffee --compile --output ../ .', (err, stdout, stderr) ->
    throw err if err
    console.log stdout + stderr

Which is the altered version of the snippet above. It didn't work as well. I'm trying to learn more about cakefiles so that I can maybe write a function that rememberes the pwd and goes up one directory, sets output as that directory while it is compiling coffee scripts.

If you could lead me to a solution or a source that could help me find the solution I would appreciate it. However please keep in mind that I do not understand the advanced coffee-script stuff from the documentations... Examples with results would be more useful for my skills in development.

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"$ coffee --output ../ . but since it didn't work" What happened instead of what you expect? – Alex Wayne Dec 18 '12 at 6:48
oh I found the output now, it put the /coffee/script.coffee into ../coffee/script.js so it is out of the project directory now. – Logan Dec 18 '12 at 7:01
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I think the key difference here is the working directory.

- root
-- lib
--- foo.js <- target
-- src
--- foo.coffee

When you have that setup, and from root, you run coffee --compile --output lib/ src/ it works because root/lib and root/src are both easily found from root.

- root
-- foo.js <- target
-- coffee
--- foo.coffee

Now, from root when you run coffee --compile --output ../ ./ then you set the output directory to root/.. and the input directory to root/. (or simply root.)

Which means, when you run this command from root you want simply:

coffee --compile --output ./ coffee/

Or if you cd coffee/, then this:

cd coffee
coffee --compile --output ../ ./

Should work fine.

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ahh excellent! thank you! So there is no need to use filesystem modules or anything! – Logan Dec 18 '12 at 7:07
Not if you just want to run the coffee command. Cakefiles are still handy though. You can wrap that line up in a takes and call it with cake compile so you don't have to remember the syntax. – Alex Wayne Dec 18 '12 at 7:09
I understand. To make the --output folder relative to the source.coffee that is being compiled, I need to write a function (maybe one that gets all .coffee files into an array and gets their paths, and sets --output to pwd/../ then compiles). – Logan Dec 18 '12 at 7:17

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