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Is it OK to execute a stored procedure without 'EXEC' or 'EXECUTE' word in the beginning ?

Normally to execute stored procedure I do

EXEC DeleteProfile 'Joe Smith'

But, I've noticed that next command works as well:

DeleteProfile 'Joe Smith'

Why should I write 'EXEC' or 'EXECUTE' word?

Is it ok not to write it before stored procedure name to execute stored procedure?


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I've found in MSDN "You do not have to specify the EXECUTE keyword when you execute stored procedures when the statement is the first one in a batch."

Get it. Sorry for question.

This wouldn't work without GO at the end of each statement:

DeleteProfile 'Joe Smith'
DeleteProfile 'Joe Smith'
DeleteProfile 'Joe Smith'
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It's quite acceptable to ask a (reasonable) question and then answer it. I didn't know that the exec was at all optional, so you've taught me something today (+1 for that) – DeanOC Dec 18 '12 at 8:22
I did notice Exec was now optional in Sql server 2008+higher, but didn't know about the "when the statement is the first one in a batch" requirement which seems like a big "gotcha" that would have been confusing to debug one day. So I have also learned something useful :) Thanks! – Arkaine55 Jul 13 at 16:11

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