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I am using itext sharp for creating reports in pdf. I want page borders. I tried some ways. I am not getting. How to get pdf page border for top, bottom, left, right in iText Sharp? I added one image. Like that image i want Borders.

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Unfortunately i cannot find the image you added. Can you add it again? –  mkl Dec 18 '12 at 10:29

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You can try this code for adding the image for the header manually.

//Step 1: Add the Image file

strImgPath is refer the directory Info..

Image imgLogo = Image.GetInstance(strImgPath.ToString()+"\\abcdur compe.Jpg");
imgLogo.Alignment = Image.ALIGN_CENTER;

// Step 2:

Add this ImgLogo to the PdfPTable by use of this
PdfPCell pdfcellImage = new PdfPCell(imgLogo, true);
pdfcellImage.FixedHeight = 40f;
pdfcellImage.HorizontalAlignment = Element.ALIGN_CENTER;
pdfcellImage.VerticalAlignment = Element.ALIGN_CENTER;
pdfcellImage.Border = Rectangle.NO_BORDER;
pdfcellImage.Border = Rectangle.NO_BORDER;

// Step 3:

Create Chunck to add Text for address or others
fntBoldComHd is a Base Font Library Object

Chunk chnCompany = new Chunk("Your CompanyName\nAddress", fntBoldComHd);

//Step 4:

Create Phrase For add the Chunks and PdfPTables

Phrase phHeader = new Phrase(); 


// Step 5:

Assign the Phrase to PDF Header
HeaderFooter header = new HeaderFooter(phHeader, false);
header.Border = Rectangle.NO_BORDER;
header.Alignment = Element.ALIGN_CENTER;
docPDF.Header = header;
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Thanks. its working. Can u tell me the for entire pdf border? –  Prasad Dec 18 '12 at 7:21
Hope this may help you... mikesdotnetting.com/Article/89/… –  SUBRA Dec 18 '12 at 7:27
No its not working –  Prasad Dec 18 '12 at 7:42
then try manually adding the rectangle like a border.. that may help –  SUBRA Dec 19 '12 at 9:59

I am using one hacky way of workaround but it will create the border.Use this method.

private void CreateBorder(PdfContentByte cb, PdfWriter writer, Document doc)
        iTextSharp.text.Rectangle r = doc.PageSize;
        float left = r.Left + 30;
        float right = r.Right - 30;
        float top = r.Top - 30;
        float bottom = r.Bottom + 30;
        float width = right - left;
        float height = top - bottom;

        PdfPTable tab = new PdfPTable(1);
        tab.TotalWidth = width;
        tab.LockedWidth = true;

        PdfPCell t = new PdfPCell(new Phrase(String.Empty));
        t.BackgroundColor = new BaseColor(250, 235, 215);
        t.FixedHeight = height;
        t.BorderWidth = 3;
        Paragraph pa = new Paragraph();

        float h = tab.TotalHeight;
        PdfTemplate temp = cb.CreateTemplate(tab.TotalWidth, h);
        tab.WriteSelectedRows(0, -1, 0.0F, h, temp);
        iTextSharp.text.Image img = iTextSharp.text.Image.GetInstance(temp);
        img.SetAbsolutePosition(30, 30);

If u want one more section for header create table width two rows.I hope this helps.

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Are you referring to the document margins? If yes, use the Document object's ctor to specify them:

public Document(Rectangle pageSize, float marginLeft, float marginRight, float marginTop, float marginBottom);
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