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I have been trying to build a module in Appcelerator to let one Android library become available to Appcelerator platforms as well, but the documentation on Appcelerator site isn't helping me much. It's been two days since I am hitting walls.

I followed Android Module Development Guide available on their site, but it doesn't specify many things, for example:

  • It tells about creating a module from command line for a calculator, but doesn't write much about how to integrate the actual code.

I might be missing something, that's a possibility, so I am giving it a read once again.

But can anyone point me towards correct direction or make things a little more clear please?

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I am answering my own question, so that if someone comes here it helps them.

Turns out that I was hitting the older version of their documentation, called Wiki.

The newer version hosted at docs.appcelerator.com are more descriptive.

In this particular case, these docs helped me quite a lot.

Apart from this, following links helped too and I got a sample module built and running:

Hope it helps someone.

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