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how do I fetch a remote branch and update git's local ref for that branch without effecting the current branch? For example if I do this

$ git pull origin master

origin/master is merged into my current branch. This also doesn't work

$ git fetch origin master

As then I check

$ git branch -r -v
origin/HEAD   -> origin/master
origin/master 7cf6ec5 test 02

that origin/master ref "7cf6ec5 test 02" is behind. The real origin/master is a "XXXXXX test 03". git fetch only pulled the changes into FETCH_HEAD it didn't upload the local origin/master ref. What's the step for updating that ref?


$ git fetch origin

Will get all remote refs and update them but unfortunately that's (a) a lot of clutter. (I don't want someone else's 30-50 random branches knowing that someone wouldn't want mine) and (b) as branches are deleted on origin those refs don't get deleted locally the next time I do git fetch origin which means that path ends up with cruft.

The question is, how do fetch just one branch and update its ref locally?

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I think what I'm looking for is this

$ git fetch origin master:refs/remotes/origin/master

That does seem to work in that unlike 'git fetch origin master' I do actually see the ref get updated.

Any reason that's the wrong answer? Something I should be scared of?

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git fetch origin

this will fetch all remote branches and update the remote tracking branches for them.

Now you can do either one of two things

git checkout other-branch
git merge origin/other-branch
git checkout -


git push . origin/other-branch:other-branch

The last option is ok if you know it's going to be a fast forward merge.

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Thanks. How do I just fetch and update origin/master. I don't want all 30 or 50 branches from the remote repo. In fact, I just tried git fetch origin. Then I deleted a branch on origin. Then I did git fetch origin again and I see the branch ref that was deleted on origin is still in my local repo when I do git branch -r -v – gman Dec 18 '12 at 7:39
tracking branches are not deleted on a fetch. You need git remote prune for that. – Adam Dymitruk Dec 18 '12 at 10:09

You can always provide a refspec to the git fetch command. In particular, if you want to update other-branch, you can do:

git fetch origin other-branch:other-branch

That will fetch the current tip of refs/heads/other-branch from origin, and put it into a local branch of the same name.

Another way, is to go ahead and to:

git fetch origin other-branch

And then recreate the local branch:

git branch -l -f other-branch -t origin/other-branch

The -l is there as a safety mechanism. It'll create a reflog entry, so that you can get back to the previous version if you need to.

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