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I have html drop down list,which has country list. Now I want to set current country as a default value of list. I found the JavaScript code for get country using Geolocation.

My code:

function getCountry(var name) {
    if(name==geoip_country_name()) {
        return "selected";

Then I need to set the selected attribute of the option list.

I tried this:

<option value="Sri Lanka" selected="getCountry('sri Lanka')">Sri Lanka</option>

But this is not correct.
Basically I want to set selected attribute value using JavaScript function

How do I do that?

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what do you mean Jonathan? –  user1688181 Dec 18 '12 at 7:18
@JonathandeM. Why would the OP need to listen for a change event if they only want to set the default value (once)? Also, they aren't using jQuery here. –  Asad Dec 18 '12 at 7:19
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Use the window.onload event, and just set the dropdown's value. Keep in mind that your hard coded country names may differ from the geo service.

    window.onload = function(){
        document.getElementById("country").value = geoip_country_name();

<select id="country" name="country">
<option value="Sri Lanka">Sri Lanka</option>
<option value="UK">UK</option>
<option value="USA">USA</option>
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Wow..! its working, thanks a lot –  user1688181 Dec 18 '12 at 8:38
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Basically you can do it like this:

  <select id="country">
  <option id="germany" value="Germany">DE</option>
  <option id="uk" value="UK">UK</option>
  <option id="usa" value="USA">USA</option>
  var selectedCountry =  'uk'; //getCountry
  var index = document.getElementById(selectedCountry).index;

Start the script after your select is rendered.

Note, that this example might not be best practice. I'm also not sure if it works in all browsers (Opera works). You might use an appropriate framework like JQuery, Mootools, ...

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The selected attribute is not automatically evaluated as JS code. Assuming you have stored the desired country name in the variable country, could try this instead:

var country = "Sri Lanka";
var select = document.getElementById('myselect'); //Change to the ID of your select element
for (var i = 0; i < select.options.length; i++){
    if(select.options[i].value == country)
        select.selectedIndex = i;
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If you are using JQuery following line should solve your problem:


If geoip_country_name returns names in lower case, While initializing the select list, value for each option be in lower case.

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