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Right now I have a web app that allows users to log in/create accounts with a username and password or with Twitter/Facebook accounts via OAuth.

Now we're working on an API for mobile apps and I need to figure out what the best way is to 1) Extend that authentication to the mobile apps and 2) Make sure that the API requests are done securely.

Here's a chart that sort of explains where we're at:

My original idea was to set up the Web API as an OAuth provider to connect with mobile clients, that gives users the option of our 3 available authentication methods, will send them into the Twitter/Facebook OAuth flows and then back to ours. I'm not sure if stacking 2 OAuth flows like that is a good idea or not, but it seems like it would work.

Another option would be to use the 2nd OAuth just for using our username/password login with the mobile app, and have the users logging in with Facebook/Twitter do so directly from the app without the middleman, so to speak.

Can anyone recommend a best practice for something like this based on experience? I'm sure there are similar systems out there, but I can't seem to track down any good examples.

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Even I want to do something similar. – Samyam A Sep 8 '13 at 9:23
@AlexChalupka I have elaborated on your question here:… - if you have progressed please share your implementation workflow. – Oliver Hausler Feb 11 '15 at 18:58

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