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Is there a way to connect vhdl component directly without defining signal?

Just for a case where 2 blocks are connected without any other use for the outputs of the first block?

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You do need to declare signals to connect component instantiations. Sigasi can do this automatically for you : demo.

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Can't be done (currently - there is thought for a future revision which may allow "inferred connections").

Tools like Emacs' VHDL-mode and Sigasi can make this much easier though, but generating the boilerplate code for you.

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When using (x)emacs with the VHDL mode:

1) Put the cursor in a VHDL entity

2) M-X vhdl-copy-port

to generate the signals

3) M-X vhdl-port-paste-signals

note: vhdl-port-paste-[component|entity|constants|instance|...]

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