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I have a card game, where users are ranked by how much games whey won. Overall rating is precomputed in order to be able to load it fast, but I have issues regarding rank computation.

Rank is computed as follows:

SET @userRank = 0;

UPDATE t_ratings AS r
        userId, (@userRank := @userRank + 1) as rank
        FROM (
        t_ratings AS r                        
    ORDER BY r.solvedCount DESC , r.playedCount ASC) AS t
  ) AS rt
  ON rt.userId = r.userId
SET r.rank = rt.rank

But recently I've started getting the following error sometimes:

Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction

Therefore I would like to know if there is a better way to compute user ranks to avoid deadlocks?

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Seems more appropriate at Database Administrators. Voting to migrate. –  Andriy M Dec 19 '12 at 14:30

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This is how I would do it in SQL Server... not sure if mySQL has windowed functions as I'm not a mySQL guy.

With    cte As
        Select  Rank() Over (ORDER BY r.solvedCount DESC , r.playedCount ASC) As [rank], 
        From    t_ratings As r
Update  tr
Set     [rank] = c.[rank]
From    t_ratings tr
Join    cte c
        On  tr.userID = c.userID
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