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I want to send data sensors to server using udp client server.

printf("sensor 0 '%s' \n",buf0); 
printf("sensor 1 '%s' \n",buf1); 

for example the value of the buf0 is 1023 and value of buf1 is 0. I want to merge sensor 0 :1023 in a buffer say buff

so I can send buff to the server.

and server will receive

"sensor 0 :1023"
"sensor 1 :   0"

any sugestion?

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You can use snprintf

snprintf(buf, 100, "sensor 0 : %s", buf0);

where buf is of type char buf[100];

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thank you.. @Jay I never use that command before :) –  Limavolt Dec 18 '12 at 8:34


char buf[128];
snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "sensor 0: '%s'\n", buf0);


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