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I have a function which is using recursion to call itself and I need to know the correct syntax for calling itself.

Note: I am using Object oriented programming technique and the function is coming from a class file.

Below is my function

// Generate Unique Activation Code
    public function generateUniqueActivationCode()
        $mysql = new Mysql();
        $string = new String();

        $activation_code = $string->generateActivationCode();

        // Is Activation Code Unique Check
        $sql = "SELECT activation_id FROM ". TABLE_ACTIVATION_CODES ." WHERE activation_code='$activation_code' LIMIT 1";
        $query = $mysql->query($sql);

        if($mysql->rowCount($query) > 0)
            // This function is calling itself recursively
            return generateUniqueActivationCode(); // <- Is this syntax correct in Oops
            return $activation_code;

Should the code to call it recursively be

return generateUniqueActivationCode();


return $this->generateUniqueActivationCode();

or if something else other than these 2 ways.

Please let me know.

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Unlike iteration you're filling up the stack, and generating new objects needlessly.

The right way to solve the problem is to generate a random value within a scope which makes duplicates very unlikely, however without some external quantifier (such as a username) to define the scope then iteration is the way to go.

There are further issues with your code - really you should be adding records in the same place where you check for records.

I am using Object oriented programming technique and the function is coming from a class file

Then it's not a function, it's a method.

And your code is susceptibale to SQL injection.

A better solution would be:

class xxxx {
public function generateUniqueActivationCode($id)
   if (!$this->mysql) $this->mysql = new Mysql();
   if (!$this->string) $this->string = new String();

   do {
      $activation_code = $string->generateActivationCode();
      $sql="INSERT INTO ". TABLE_ACTIVATION_CODES ." (activation_id, activation_code)"
          . "VALUES ($id, '$ins)";
      $query = $mysql->query($sql);
      if (stristr($query->error(), 'duplicate')) {
      return $query->error() ? false : $activation_code;
   } while (limit--);
   return false;

} // end class
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You would need to call it with the $this variable since your function is part of the instance. So:

return $this->generateUniqueActivationCode();

PS: Why not just try both methods and see if it generates any errors?

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