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For Running PHP in SublimeText2 I Installed Slidebar Enhancement Plugin & PHPCodeSniff Plugin. But When I Try to Run By Pressing F12.It Gives Pop-up "Browser 'Chrome' not found.If Installed? Which Location?'

On Right Click of Any/File Folder Open With..Application...I Opened File"Side Bar.sublime-menu"

Here SetupPath For Windows Given. But How to Setup it In Ubuntu? like, "application": "C:\Documents and Settings\tito\Configuración local\Datos de programa\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe",

But How To Set Path For Chromium in Ubuntu?

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To get the path of Chromium on Ubuntu open a terminal window and type:

whereis chromium-browser

Most likely you need the path starting from /usr/bin. In my case: /usr/bin/chromium-browser.

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