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I have a report containing a tablix. Some of the fields in the tablix contain no value upon report creation. I want to show '0.00' as a default in these fields.

I have looked at textbox properties > Number > "Show zero as" but no matter what I cant get them to show.

I have to admit that I'm a SSRS newbie so I might have overlooked something. I googled a bit around and found something about IF statements in the expression, but cant quite figure it out.

The table data in the tablix is floating-point numbers.

Any advice is much appreciated.

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You should change the SQL if possible otherwise Chris Latta's answer is best.

For example if you use oracle you should use the nvl(v1, 0) function, or the isnull(v1, 0) for MS SQL. Keeping it in the query will reduce required processing.

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Thank you both - I went with glh's option. Works like a charm. –  Morten Laustsen Dec 18 '12 at 13:25

The problem sounds like they are Null, not zero. Try using an expression like this:

=IIF(IsNothing(Fields!MyField.Value), 0, Fields!MyField.Value)

So when it is nothing (that is, Null), you get zero, otherwise you get the field value.

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I had to use the literal value of zero to get this to work.

=IIf(Sum(Fields!NewCount.Value) = 0, "0", Sum(Fields!NewCount.Value))
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