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I'm trying to get a count of all the events that a user's friends have created using fql, but it is very slow, about 15 to 17 seconds to load.

Here is the code:

// Run FQL Multiquery to get all Friends => All Events => Created by Friends
$fql = $facebook->api('/fql?q={'
                                 . 'SELECT+uid2+FROM+#allFriends'
                                 . ')",'
                                       . 'SELECT+eid+FROM+#allEvents)"}'
                   . '&access_token='.$access_token);

Is there a better way to do this that will make it return faster?

Thank you in advance, Robert

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Sorry no, it doesn't work. It just returns a blank array. The query above works fine, but it costs me 4 seconds loading time. – RobertH Dec 18 '12 at 19:11

Chop the friends up into relatively equal portions (using LIMIT and OFFSET) and then run all those multi-queries in a batch call.

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