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I am investigating ways to quickly produce RESTful services without much coding.

I have looked into Google Feed Server already

Our data lives in PostgreSQL mostly.

Does anyone have any experience with any other good tools?

Thanks in advance

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Since my question stackoverflow.com/questions/13345693/… is not answered yet and I am working on a solution for Java/Jersey you might want to contact me personally to check whether your database would be a good example. You can reach me via my companies feedback form. –  Wolfgang Fahl Dec 18 '12 at 11:22

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If you want do it in Java, then Netbeans (in combination with JAX-RS and glassfish) is a pretty good solution. They have a wizzard that generates RESTful end-points starting from a DB schema. They also have good tutorials for that on their web site.

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A good solution to quickly build CRUD functionality over a RESTful API might be to use the following bundle for Symfony 2 (in PHP):


It will require some configuration and basic functionality using Doctrine, but should be relatively fast to build.

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