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I'm building some sort of house booking website, and I'm looking for some search engine/database-algorithm that can filter objects based on house availability dates

so let's say I have House1(available dates: Jan1...Jan7, Jan20, Jan23)

And if I query all objects for dates Jan2-Jan3 - I should find that object, and if I query Jan6-Jan8 - I should find it

(Note: in database I have thousands of objects and also various search filters, and search should work fast)

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Are you using an SQL database? – Niklas Dec 18 '12 at 8:38
Data is stored in SQL database, but we can use some solution only for search index that can be on some other engine (sorl, elasticsearch, mongo) – Pydev UA Dec 18 '12 at 9:01

Processing 'thousands of objects' takes milliseconds with indexing in SQL. I know the below is simple enough to do in MySQL / SQL-Server.

Structure: (pseudo-code)

House(ID INT, ...)
Availability(ID INT, HouseID INT, Start DATETIME, Finish DATETIME)
/* Index on Availability (Start, Finish) */


FROM House H JOIN Availability A ON A.HouseID = H.ID
WHERE A.Start <= @DesiredFinish AND @DesiredStart <= A.Finish

This will return all houses that overlap availability with the specified dates.

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