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I have a table which contains a date column called PurchaseDate

I have a list box which displays the months. When I click a month , I need to query the dataSource and collect the rows which have the purchase date in the SelectedMonth.

dv2 = New DataView(ds.Tables(0), "PurchaseDate LIKE '" & SelectedMonth & "/%'", "BillNo", DataViewRowState.CurrentRows)

This code is not working. Because here PurchaseDate is in Date format like 'MM/DD/YYYY'. I think I need to convert the date into string before using LIKE operator. I also tried using as below. Even then, it didn't go fine.

dv1 = New DataView(ds.Tables(0), "convert(varchar2(20),PurchaseDate,103) LIKE '" & SelectedMonth & "/%'", "BillNo", DataViewRowState.CurrentRows)

Here SelectedMonth will be a string like '01', '10'..

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Use Linq to avoid such issues:

Dim selectedMonth = Int32.Parse(lbMonth.Text)
Dim filteredRows = From r In ds.Tables(0)
                   Where r.Field(Of Date)("PurchaseDate").Month = selectedMonth
' if you need a new DataTable
Dim tblFiltered = filteredRows.CopyToDataTable()
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You don't say what database you are using, so these are the culture independent date literals that I use in the same scenario...





Ms/Access (not culture independent, but it's the only thing MS/Access accepts)


So you might format your SQL to say something like this...

PurchaseDate BETWEEN  '1-Dec-2012' AND '31-Dec-2012'
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