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I have developed an app for Windows Phone 7 (which is also being updated to Windows Phone 8) and I have a peculiar UI issue in Application Bar.

I'm adding 4 ApplicationBarMenuItems to the ApplicationBar.

But when the app renders the ApplicationBar, it shows extra space at the bottom of the appBar.

This doesn't happen when I used 3 ApplicationBarMenuItems.

Note: This behavior is observed in both WP7.5 & WP8.

I could not find any official documentation that explains this or a workaround. I came across the below post,

which states,

The application bar moves to a specific size depending on the number of menu items in it. If you have 4 items, it will show the size for 5 – so visually it may not look quite right. Try optimizing for 3 or 5 menu items if you can for the best, tightest look.

Any thoughts?

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This is wrong on so many levels. "Try optimizing for 3 or 5 menu items if you can" is not the answer that i expected. – ljubomir Jan 31 '13 at 10:25

There is no workaround and you are right that there is no info in MSDN about it (

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