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I am planning a small community-website with profiles and custom content types. The project will start on a shared webspace and will move to a dedicated server later. The most important criteria for chosing a system are:

  • Performance on modest hardware
  • Ease of administration

I have been using Wordpress for small projects and plugins like Mingle and BuddyPress look promising. On the other hand, Rails and its possibilities to adapt and understand all parts of the system are fascinating. The only concern I have: A test-system with Rails on a shared website is quite slow. Would Wordpress do better?

If so: Does Wordpress offer the possibility to combine custom content types with tags (a many-to-many-relationship)?

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Choose what platform is depending on how much users and access is your website, I think wp is good enough for 10k post website. And, for combine custom content types with tags, is this good for you:

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