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How to rotate the Android emulator display?

I have created an emulator 1024x600. api level 9. Problem is my application has a portrait view. It can not be viewed as landscape.

so I want to view it as 600x1024 view. Therefore, is there anyway to solve this? I think you understand me.

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Ctrl + F12 stackoverflow.com/questions/4535298/… –  Andy McSherry Dec 18 '12 at 8:55
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By typing Ctrl+F12

Also see Keyboard Commands for Android Emulator

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Yes. Here is a link for shortcuts http://stackoverflow.com/a/4057309/1503155
CTRL + F11 or CTRL + 12 on windows.
While we are at it here are other shortcuts http://www.shortcutworld.com/en/win/Android-Emulator.html Hope it helps.

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Two Shortcuts:-

  • CTRL + F12
  • NumLock(Off), then press 7 key from the side Keyboard.
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use left Ctrl + F12 to switch between landscape and portrait modes. Mac use : Fn + Ctrl + F12

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Windows: left Ctrl + F12

OS X: fn + control + F12

You can also change between Landscape and Portrait in Eclipse, using the Graphical Layout of the View.

See below:

enter image description here Viewing the Graphical Layout Landscape Android

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