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There are lots of questions on SO about TDD, and a lot of misconceptions. Where can I point people to when trying to answer questions?

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Wikipedia - Test-driven_development?

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Just posting a link isn't very constructive. – Ikke Sep 8 '09 at 9:39
The question was "Where can I point people?" I would say that the link is pretty constructive... – Chris Simmons Sep 8 '09 at 16:00

The picture below illustrates nicely the test-driven development mantra (aka "red/green/refactor"):

alt text

For more formal informations, the Test Driven Development page on the Cunningham and Cunningham Wiki is a very good starting point. The Test Driven Development book by Kent Beck is a recommended resource too. XUnit Test Patterns is another great book but is more "practice" oriented.

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I like to point people to the bowling game episode. It's a good tutorial, simple, not too long and it illustrates the test-driven point very well.

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When I am describing TDD to others I go to Phlip Plumlee's (phlip cpp) description in news groups. The link is a long article and includes a discussion on Simplicity, a description of the TDD cycle and even an example in C++ using cppUnit.

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You could point them at a youtube videos perhaps.

The definition I've been fed from my university degree is:

...Traditionally testing was "Test last". TDD turns this around to "Test First", with code being written in small amounts, inclemently.

Having never been part of a purely test driven project (nor would I want to be!) I don't know how true this is to purists.

"Scrum in 10 minutes" is a good video about the surrounding methodologies, though not strictly about TDD.

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There's a great book on this topic Test-Driven Development By Example by Kent Beck and in this book TDD looks like this (with my own words):

  1. Write a test;
  2. Make it compile;
  3. Make it pass;
  4. Remove redundancies.
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For a succinct description of Test Driven Development and its benefits in a short article, I don't think you can do better than Robert C. Martin's classic blog post, The Three Rules of TDD.

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