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Let say I have a class named CLass1 that has 4 variables inside ( Object A,Object B, Object C) And also I have a class named Class2 that has 6 variables inside (Object A, Object B, Object C, Object D, Object E, Object F)

Is it possible to make an instance of Class2 using the values from class1 and just keep the remaining objects of class2 such as D, E, and F as null?

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Depends on the language, I'd think. – deceze Dec 18 '12 at 9:32

You can inherit class 1 into class 2 and use it

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Yes, using a constructor. Also, you may set class2 as a sub class of class1.

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I'm not sure what do you want to do, but you can simply create the Class2 by passing it the A, B and C values as parameters on constructor:

public Class2 (Object oA, Object oB, Object oC) {
    A = oA;
    B = oB;
    C = oC;

And in the class 1:

public createClass2() {
    Class2 c2 = new Class2(this.A, this.B, this.C);
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Create methods in class2 like this:

public void demoMethod1(Class1 clazz1)


public void demoMethod2(Object a, Object b, Object c)

and you can use it like :
Class2 c2=new Class2();
Class1 c1=new Class1();

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