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I need to add custom color in creating each event in the full calendar (just like in the google calendar- the user can customize the text and bg colors of events).

Do you know any color picker plugins that may best fit to full calendar?

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You can set the CSS Class name for a new event. Like

var myEvents = [
    title: 'XMas',
    start: theDate,
    className : 'holiday'

Then to update the style of the given event type do something like the following:

#calendar .holiday,
#calendar .holiday div,
#calendar .holiday span {
  background-color: #6d4d47;
  color: #ffffff;
  border-color: #6d4d47;
  font-size: 12px;
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It's in the fullcalendar documentation... which seems to be down at the moment. You can pass in colours for each event as elements of the array:

'backgroundColor' => "#36c",
'borderColor' => "#36c",
'textColor' => "#36c",

No plugin needed!

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