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I need to call a method from one class to another class whose class name will be taken from file (dynamically)


  1. I have a file named Source1.h/Source1.m (both are objective C class files)
  2. I have another file names Source2.h/Source2.m (both are objective C class files)

I can able to call a method from Source2 class file. But the name "Source2" will be taken from a text file and the method to which i have to call is known by me. Hence how do i call the method from unknown class file.


unknownClassName *a = [[unknownClassName alloc] init];
[self a];

I know the Method "a". But the unknownClassName will taken taken from a text file in runtime.

Is it possible to do like this?

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what about NSClassFromString(@"unknownClassName")? – CAMOBAP Dec 18 '12 at 9:19

I think you can use this

id unknownClassObject = [[NSClassFromString(@"unknownClassName") alloc] init];
[unknownClassObject a];
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Thanks you so much. It worked... – kabilan Dec 18 '12 at 10:43

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