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I have a Unit testing problem where a class has a static variable which wants to load the Spring Application Ctx.

This class DOES NOT come out of the Bean Factory and I cannot change this fact.

static ApplicationContext applicationContext = ...;

This works fine, but is hard to JMock, or atleast I don't know a way and until I can the Spring Ctx wants to start up. Not ideal for a unit test situation.

Is there a work around that anyone knows? I have the option to change the static variable to anything I wish..


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You can use reflection based JMock APIs to set private / static fields

    import static mockit.Deencapsulation.setField;
    //Test method
    public void testSample {

    private class Sample {
        private boolean isPrivate = false;
        private boolean isStatic = false;

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Nice. The irony is that the one thing that Spring is good at is managing Singletons, so there shouldn't be a need for static variables :)

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True, but in the real world you don't always have this option :) –  JamesC Jan 23 '10 at 14:36
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Solved this myself.

Was really simple in the end. Justed need to wrap my static in a class which I could then mock.

public class ApplicationContextHolder implements ApplicationContextHoldable {

    protected static ApplicationContext applicationContext = ...;

    public ApplicationContext getApplicationContext() {
    	return ApplicationContextHolder.applicationContext;

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