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I have some database where the previous err...person has put the date format in as 20121218, is it possible to use this as a date in mysql so

SELECT substr(week_begin_date,0,4)+'-'+substr(week_begin_date,4,2)+'-'+substr(week_begin_date,6,8) 
AS startdate 
FROM table 
WHERE startdate < now() 
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As stated in Date and Time Literals:

MySQL recognizes DATE values in these formats:

  • As a string in either 'YYYY-MM-DD' or 'YY-MM-DD' format. A “relaxed” syntax is permitted: Any punctuation character may be used as the delimiter between date parts. For example, '2012-12-31', '2012/12/31', '2012^12^31', and '2012@12@31' are equivalent.

  • As a string with no delimiters in either 'YYYYMMDD' or 'YYMMDD' format, provided that the string makes sense as a date. For example, '20070523' and '070523' are interpreted as '2007-05-23', but '071332' is illegal (it has nonsensical month and day parts) and becomes '0000-00-00'.

  • As a number in either YYYYMMDD or YYMMDD format, provided that the number makes sense as a date. For example, 19830905 and 830905 are interpreted as '1983-09-05'.

Therefore 20121218 is actually a valid date literal. Therefore:

SELECT DATE(`week_begin_date`) AS `startdate`
FROM   `table`
WHERE  DATE(`week_begin_date`) < NOW()

See it on sqlfiddle.

However, for the longer-term, you would be wise to fix your schema (and, obviously, any application code that expects to read values in the existing format):

ALTER TABLE `table` MODIFY week_begin_date DATE

See it on sqlfiddle.

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OK I didn't know that! Many thanks –  Jim SMith Dec 18 '12 at 10:37

You can try this--

SELECT * from Table where STR_TO_DATE(substr(week_begin_date,0,4),substr(week_begin_date,4,2),substr(week_begin_date,6,8)','%d,%m,%Y') > now()
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select STR_TO_DATE(SUBSTR(week_begin_date,4,2)+"/"+SUBSTR(week_begin_date,6,8)+"/"+SUBSTR(week_begin_date,0,4),'%m/%d/%Y') AS startdate 
FROM table where STR_TO_DATE(SUBSTR(week_begin_date,4,2)+"/"+SUBSTR(week_begin_date,6,8)+"/"+SUBSTR(week_begin_date,0,4),'%m/%d/%Y') < now() ;

try this hope this will solve your prob

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