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I accidentally stumbled across NHaml and really like what I have seen of it. However, checking the blogs of the authors and Google group reveals that there doesn't seem to be much happening.

Is it worth investing time in NHaml - is it going forward actively? If anyone can point me to the centre of activity for NHaml or at least let me know the "state of play", I would appreciate it.

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Nhaml is still active. Although Andrew is no longer active in its developement.

It has also moved out of MVCContrib and is now a project on Google code http://code.google.com/p/nhaml/

The google group is reasonably active http://groups.google.com/group/nhaml-users/about

Not sure if lack of blogs posts means a project is stagnating?

It is probably better to look at the issue list or the checkin list

And we are always happy to take contributions

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Russell Allen is actively developing NHaml with the goal of integrating it into NancyFx as a view engine.

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I have been using NHAML for about 9 months on an ASP.NET MVC project. I like it a lot but I think you may want to consider the Spark View Engine. While I believe NHAML is still an active project, it is not very well documented. Spark is very well documented and has a series of tutorials by developers. I will be using Spark in most of my projects in the future

You can check out the SparkViewEngine at link text .

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