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Is it possible to define in witch files inside a project I want to make my search?

Meaning, if I'm searching for a specific variable, I want it to search only in .php and .js files. I do not want eclipse to waste my time but searching it inside image or pdf files etc.

So, can this be done? And if yes, how?

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When an editor window is focused press Ctrl+H (or from the main menu, click Search and then Search...). Activate the 'File Search' tab if it is not active. In the 'File name patterns' field you can enter a comma separated list with wild cards. E.g. the value "*.php, *.js" will search in files with extension php or js.

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Thanx m8, I was looking for a field like that, but couldn't find it. – Dainis Abols Dec 18 '12 at 12:59

In the menus:

Search -> File...

You can then enter containing text, as well as a pattern that file names have to match.

Note: Eclipse 4.2.0

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