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using speex_resampler_process_interleaved_int() in libspeex leads to crash, any help would be appreciated. I have to upsample from 16000 to 22050 ,below is my code:

spx_uint32_t buf_len =  arg->count; // arg is a struct which contains data buffer
spx_uint32_t bufout_len = ((buf_len * 22050/16000) + 1);
short *bufout = (short *)malloc(bufout_len);
short *inbuf = (short *)arg->buf;
int speex_err = 0;
mspeex_src_state = speex_resampler_init(2,16000,22050,4,&speex_err);
speex_err = speex_resampler_process_interleaved_int(mspeex_src_state,inbuf,&buf_len,bufout,&bufout_len);
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i am able to avoid crash by the following spx_uint32_t buf_len = arg->count; //set later by bass spx_uint32_t bufout_len = (16384); short bufout[16384]; short *inbuf = (short *)arg->buf; speex_err = speex_resampler_process_interleaved_int(mspeex_src_state,inbuf,&buf_len,bufout,&‌​bufout_len); but the output contains lot of noise – user1862187 Dec 18 '12 at 11:44
For starters, 22050/16000 is 1. – molbdnilo Dec 18 '12 at 13:20

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