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I'm looking for a batch file to locate text that comes between a static left & right boundary.

The text found would be echoed to a new file. The beginning boundary, like the end, are tags (the left curly is really just an opening tag):


So what I'm looking to do is have written to a separate file. There is quite a bit more coding on the page both above and below, but the left & right boundaries are always the same.

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@echo off
Setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
Set "left={DomainName>"
Set "right={/DomainName>"
Set "text={DomainName>{/DomainName>"
Rem Change left delimiter
Set "text=!text:%left%= {"
Rem Change right delimiter
Set "text=!text:%right%=}"
Rem echo text found
For /F "tokens=2 delims={}" %%a in ("!text!") Do echo %%a
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