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I have a custom treeview which i create programmatically as there is a need of specific layout which is not achievable using asp.net treeview.It is on a master page.When i click on treenodes the content area refreshes after a postback.There is a page category.aspx which is a content page of this master page.I have a user control in that content area named products.aspx.Now i want to use ajax to prevent the postback which happens when i click on treenode.I tried putting user control in updatepanel and treeview as well in updatepanel but to no awail.

How to use updatepanel in this scenerio.

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How are you creating your custom treeview? Are you using LinkButtons? Are you deriving from the ASP.Net Treeview? –  James Lawruk Sep 8 '09 at 16:43
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UpdatePanel must be used with the development of User control or Custom Control. UpdatePanel

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