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I use dojo 1.8.2 and here is my problem (I have seen this and this question, but they eren't helpful) :

My JS code receives from server some data in JSON format. With that, I dynamically create some options for dijit.form.select:

var select = registry.byId('zgloszenieDoFirmyEdycja');
for (var uzytkownik in dane.uzytkownicy){
    var idUzytkownika = dane.uzytkownicy[uzytkownik]['_id']['$oid'];
    var imie = dane.uzytkownicy[uzytkownik].imie;
    var nazwisko = dane.uzytkownicy[uzytkownik].nazwisko;
    var wybrany = (idUzytkownika == id);
    var opcja = {};

    opcja.label = imie + ' ' + nazwisko;
    opcja.value = idUzytkownika;
    opcja.selected = wybrany;

    console.log(idUzytkownika + ' | ' + imie + ' ' + nazwisko);

        label: imie + ' ' + nazwisko,
        value: idUzytkownika,
        selected: wybrany

This is my console output:

5077d2a1e4b0f5734a9850a1 | zero zero
Object { label="zero zero", value="5077d2a1e4b0f5734a9850a1", selected=false}
50c0776f096aa0e726d221a3 | raz raz
Object { label="raz raz", value="50c0776f096aa0e726d221a3", selected=true}
50d019c3096aa862c6898cdb | dwa dwa
Object { label="dwa dwa", value="50d019c3096aa862c6898cdb", selected=false}

But after the dijit.form.select is updated, the selected parameter gets somehow mixed up and is set to true not for the option that I set it for, but for the first one:

Object[Object { label="zero zero", value="5077d2a1e4b0f5734a9850a1", selected=true},      
       Object { label="raz raz", value="50c0776f096aa0e726d221a3", selected=false}, 
       Object { label="dwa dwa", value="50d019c3096aa862c6898cdb", selected=false}

I don't understand why it happens, any clues?

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Looking into the source code of dijit/form/_FormSelectWidget the issue is caused by the fact, that if no option is selected then the first option gets selected by default. By the time you add the first option this condition is met and the first option gets selected.

Workaround: add all options at once as an array:

var select = registry.byId("select1");

option1 = { value: "o1", label: "option 1", selected: false };
option2 = { value: "o2", label: "option 2", selected: true };

select.addOption([option1, option2]); // add all options at once as an array

See it in action: http://jsfiddle.net/phusick/BfTXC/

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Nice answer, thanks! – maialithar Dec 19 '12 at 11:03

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