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I'm developing my first site in TYPO3, currently I have a structure that looks like:

      subpage folder -> with images

      subpage3 folder -> with images

What I want to do is load content from subpages of Page1 into my subpage(say images from folder would part of slider, subpage1 would be main content and subpage2 would be sidebar content.

The idea is to use templavoila and map it via Typoscript object.

Now the problem I'm facing is, I have no idea how to fetch content from current UID subpages. How would I do that in the mentioned context?

I'm not asking for a done solution, just point me in the right direction or show similar example etc.

Thanks. :)

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You would need to get the list of pids first and then you can use the CONTENT TS object. Properly you can use the stdWrap.cObject property to generate your list of page ids just inside the CONTENT object.

Post a comment of you need an example.

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