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In Android monkeyrunner, is there anything similar to waitForPageToLoad() (like in Selenium), as I don't want to use Thread.sleep() because of its limitations?

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Try Robotium, which is a test framework for Android apps.

Quote: "Robotium is an Android test framework that has full support for Activities, Dialogs, Toasts, Menus and Context Menus. The project home page is at"

Robotium provides a set of APIs for waiting for an Activity/View etc. e.g. waitForActivity(String name) and waitForView(Class<T> viewClass)

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Thanks Alex. In our project, I'm supposed to use MonkeyRunner only. I know that Robotium might be better than MonkeyRunner but it still is MonkeyRunner which I have to use and not Robotium. – Elly Gayle Dec 31 '12 at 6:33
Sorry, I'm not sure if MonkeyRunner could achieve this... BTW, what are the limitations of MonkeyRunner.sleep() you've metioned? Since you are executing a PC side script, you could just let it safely sleep for a pretty long time, thus you can avoid unpleasent things like racing conditions etc.. – knight9631 Jan 2 '13 at 10:54

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