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I'm new in JavaFX and have a little troubles:

I have an TabPane with several Tabs and I wanna make Tab titles invisible. So, user should not change Tabs by clicking on titles, but it will be changed in different way from menu..

How to make this Tab titles invisible/hidden? That's the question. I don't wanna hide whole Tabs or disable or anything like that, just titles.

Or maybe you have another, completely different idea, how to solve this in JavaFX. Maybe with another controls???

Thanks for any clue.

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If you are not using Tabs then you don't need TabPane.

You can just introduce a list of content panes and switch them according to menu commands.

You can find a code example in next question: How can I implement the functionality of awt.CardLayout in my javaFX 2.0 application?

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Thank you, I'll try it. –  Joistick Dec 18 '12 at 13:55
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Conclusion of my research: This is not possible to do this in JavaFX. TabPane captions can be located on the top, left, right and bottom of the control, but cannot be hidden.

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