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I'm really stuck with an issue. I would like to download a PDF/ZIP formatted file from webview but I cant find any solutions/tutorials on the internet, I tried to look webview property class.
i have a webview:

WebView x:Name="webviewIntranet" Grid.Row="1" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" VerticalAlignment="Stretch" />


public IntranetPage() { webviewIntranet.Navigate(new Uri("")); this.InitializeComponent(); }

i can show the webpage but when i click on a download link,nothing happends.

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First of all some reading about what's new in WebView control

as you can see, WebView hanldes different browser events: It doesn't support showing nothing else than webpages, but WebView.UnviewableContentIdentified event is fired for them

Then you can use file association to throw it to the OS (or do what you need with the file throught the uri... i hope)

void webView1_UnviewableContentIdentified(WebView sender, 
    WebViewUnviewableContentIdentifiedEventArgs args)
    Windows.Foundation.IAsyncOperation<bool> b = 
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WebView can't download file. Microsoft has tried not to be WebView, a replacement of IE browser. See the answer from MSDN forum.

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I think you can do this, but there's quite a bit of manual intervention. Using something like the BackgroundDownloader you can download a file that you have the URI for. Is you want to also intercept web view navigation, then there's a few workarounds for that; for example: here

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