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I want to get an element in Sahi script using multiple custom attributes of my choice. It is a <td > having different attributes which are dynamically generated. The title attribute is blank that is "". example of the element definition is as follow:

<td title="" rownumber="1" rmbnum="0,1" rowId="8090.9008.6352.8721" class="my-class my-class2" position="4">

Here the row id is dynamically generated. I need to click on this element once this element is clicked then a textbox is generated and we need to fill value in it - value is text format. I want to use rmbnum and position attributes to get this element.

I have searched the sahi forum but was not able to find it.

regards, Rahul

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You can use


The documentation has been updated now. http://sahi.co.in/w/browser-accessor-apis

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Thanks for the answer. It works perfectly! –  rahoolm Feb 19 '13 at 12:00

You can also try use

_cell(_table(“items”), rowIndex, columnIndex)
_cell(_table(“items”), rowName, columnName)

See http://sahi.co.in/w/_cell for examples.

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