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I'm new to emacs and I'm trying to make it work as an IDE like code blocks which I've been using quite a lot so i downloaded and installed the cedet package and SrSpeedbar but I have no clue how to build a project in emacs the same way codeblocks or other IDEs do. so any link to a package that does that or a easy method would be very helpful. thanks in advance

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There is the EDE package in the CEDET, that provides some functionality for building projects, but this depends on which language & build tool you're using. If you're build tool isn't supported directly by EDE, you can still use ede-generic-project, and specify compilation command in project's local variables - see EDE information on more details.

You can find some information for start in my article on CEDET.

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Maybe take a look at:

  1. emake:
  2. quickrun:

Currently I'm not using cedet and these two packages, but hope that help.

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