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I have a list of checkboxes generated dynamically. Exp:

<input class="cb1" var1="1" var2="2" var3="3" type="checkbox" /><label>Checkbox1</label>

I am trying to $.post values of 'var1', 'var2' and 'var3' to a php file 'data.php' for each checkbox that is checked.

I am not sure how to do this.

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Also correct the syntax of the input tag, It has no var1="1" etc properties. It has a value property. – Tariq Aziz Dec 18 '12 at 13:00

you can use $('#form').serialize() if you want to serialize all form element, but in your case, you can use $().find() function to scan generated checkbox, and use $.each to iterate each element found

assume that your checkbox remain in your div with id='checkbox_conrainter', and it has name attribute 'checkbox[]'

<div id="checkbox_container">
    <input name="checkbox[]" class="cb1" var1="1" var2="2" var3="3" type="checkbox" /><label>Checkbox1</label>
    <input name="checkbox[]" class="cb2" var1="1" var2="2" var3="3" type="checkbox" /><label>Checkbox2</label>

on javascript section you can write:

 var $postData = '';
    var $checkbox = $(this); //just for object caching
        var $checkbox_name = $checkbox.attr('name');
        var $checkbox_val1 = $checkbox.attr('val1'); //you can use loop if you want
        var $checkbox_val2 = $checkbox.attr('val2');
        var $checkbox_val3 = $checkbox.attr('val3');
    $postData +='&'+$checkbox_name+'[val1]='+$checkbox_val1

in your php page, the structure of the variable will be like this

$_POST = Array(
    checkbox[0] => Array(
        [val1] => 1 //val1 value,
        [val2] => 2 //val2 value,
        [val3] => 3 //val3 value
    checkbox[1] => Array(  //if you have more checkbox
        [val1] => 1 //val1 value,
        [val2] => 2 //val2 value,
        [val3] => 3 //val3 value


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First of all enclose all check boxes in a tag with id or name property.

Then on any event or button click you can put the values by

                 var querystring = $(this).serialize();
                   type: 'POST',
                   url: url,
                   data: querystring,
                   success: success,
                         dataType: dataType

and in PHP file try to get the values in loop

        foreach($_POST as $val){
             //TODO make a query string again for inserting in db etc
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I can't use a form. I am trying to do something like this: $('.cb1').each(function(){ if($(this).is(':checked')) { var1 = $(this).attr('var1') } alert(var1); – user1885099 Dec 18 '12 at 13:23

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