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I'm working on a feature branch, which was forked from a development branch like a month ago.
My friend is working on another feature branch which was also forked from a dev branch.
Problem is, I want to get updated with some of his commits. I don't want to update him with my commits. I don't want to wait until he merges his branch with the trunk.

I tried "dry merging" my branch with his but I get no results.
any help please? thanks

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I think you should do the same as recommended in another question: stackoverflow.com/questions/4317260/… –  pwagner Dec 18 '12 at 13:12

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You have to read docs, specially - svn help merge

In short: in SVN you can merge any source to any target, i.e you can merge some revisions from his branch into your. "Some revisions" means, that you have to use second form of merge

This form is called a 'cherry-pick' merge:

    svn merge [-c M[,N...] | -r N:M ...] SOURCE[@REV] [TARGET_WCPATH]
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One way is to have your friend export a patch with the changes, and then you can apply the patch to your branch. See this question for more info on that.

On a side note, if you are planning to do this kind of distributed development long term, you might seriously consider switching to something like git. It has maybe a steeper learning curve than svn, but it makes dealing with multiple branches like this much easier.

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